Restrain Subramanian Swamy from tweeting on National Herald, Motilal Vohra to Court

Restrain Subramanian Swamy from tweeting on National Herald, Motilal Vohra to Court

Aditi Singh

Congress Leader Motilal Vohra today urged Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, Samar Vishal to restrain BJP leader Subramanian Swamy from sharing his views on the ongoing National Herald case on social media.

Senior Advocate RS Cheema, appearing for Vohra, argued that it amounted to “influencing the outcome of the complaint.

RS Cheema, Senior Advocate
RS Cheema, Senior Advocate

The National Herald case pertains to the assignment of a Rs. 90 crore loan advanced by the Congress party to Associated Journal Ltd (AJL) – owner of National  Herald – to Young Indian for a consideration of Rs. 50 lakh.

In his private complaint, Swamy has accused Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi,  Motilal Vohra, Oscar Fernandes, Suman Dubey, Sam Pitroda and Gandhi family controlled – Young Indian of cheating, criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust and misappropriation of property.

Cheema submitted that Swamy has been conducting himself in a manner where he is not only “character assassinating” the accused but also insulting the lawyers who are representing them.

This is something that cannot be tolerated…Case is being fought on social media and not court.”, he said.

Cheema said that since the National Herald case started in 2015, Swamy has published over 2,400 tweets to comment on the case.

To substantiate his claim, Cheema produced several tweets by Swamy, in which he referred to Rahul Gandhi has “buddhu” (a foolish man), Sonia Gandhi as “tadika/TDK” (a mythological rakshsi who is eventually killed by Lord Ram), and  their team of lawyers as “congi” and “ratpack“.

Dwelling upon the possibility of a media trial pursuant to these tweets,

This is making it impossible to carry on a fair trial.

Cheema concluded his submission by apprehending that Swamy would “tweet today (as well) within half an hour.”

To which Swamy lightheartedly replied,

They don’t have followers. I have millions.”

Soon after the proceedings were over, Swamy tweeted that the proceedings were “interesting and enjoyable.”

Senior Advocate RS Cheema was assisted by Advocate Tarannum Cheema. 

The matter would be next heard on October 20.

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