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Tripura High Court allows use of A4 size paper for filings [Read Notification]

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The Tripura High Court has notified that it will now accept court documents in A4 size paper. Further internal communications of the High Court registry are also to be in A4 size paper hereafter.

The notification issued to this effect on March 23 states that, “for the purpose of filing pleadings, petitions, affidavits or other documents in the High Court and all other Courts in the State of Tripura, the following specifications o paper and font type would be applicable:"

“Superior quality A4 size paper (29.7 cm x 21 cm) having not less than 75 GSM printing on both sides of paper with font - Times New Roman, font size 14, in one and half line spacing (for quotations and indents - font size 12 in single line spacing), with margin of 4 cm on left & right and 2 cm on top & bottom.”
Tripura High Court notification

Further it has been added that such A4 size paper would also be used for internal communications and for official purposes of the High Court and District court registries. It is added that all such documents may be printed on both sides as well.

Recently the Calcutta High Court also notified new rules for the use of the use of A4 sheets with double-sided printing for the purpose of filings.

Moreover, the Supreme Court has also notified that both administrative and judicial filings should be made in A4 size paper, of the prescribed quality, with printing on both sides from April 1 onwards.

Earlier, in October last year, the NGO, Whistle for Public Interest (WHIP), had written to the Supreme Court to take steps so that A4 size paper is used uniformly across courts.

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