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Justice Muralidhar
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Are judges under pressure? Not unless they acknowledge it, Justice Muralidhar in his farewell speech [Read Full Speech]

The former Delhi High Court judge said that he was "fine with moving" to the Punjab & Haryana High Court.

Aditi Singh

Dr Justice S Muralidhar today clarified that the Supreme Court Collegium’s decision on his transfer was communicated to him on February 17 and that he was "fine with moving" to the Punjab & Haryana High Court.

The Collegium had recommended the transfer of Justice Muralidhar in its meeting held on February 12.

“In my case, the Collegium’s decision was communicated to me by the CJI on 17 February by a letter which sought my response. I acknowledged receipt of that letter. I was then asked to clarify what I meant. As I saw it, if I was going to be transferred from the Delhi High Court any way, I was fine with moving to the Punjab & Haryana High Court...I therefore clarified to the CJI that I did not object to the proposal. An explanation for my transfer reached the press via Maneesh Chibber’s article in The Print...quoting sources, confirming what had been indicated to me a couple of days earlier.”
Justice Muralidhar
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