No more telephonic mentioning before Delhi High Court; matters to mentioned only through weblinks now

No more telephonic mentioning before Delhi High Court; matters to mentioned only through weblinks now

Aditi Singh

The Delhi High Court has done away with the procedure of mentioning urgent matters before designated Registrars telephonically.

As per the office order issued by the High Court today, mentioning of the urgent matters before the designated Registrars/Joint Registrars shall now only be through clickable link- OR .

The aforesaid links would be available from 10:30 am to 12:00 noon on all working days.

All the mandatory fields mentioned in link(s) must be filled up, failing which the request will not be processed.

In case any ‘counsel on record’ is unable to use the link on account of any technical glitch, he/she may contact Sarsij Kumar, Joint Director (IT) who will be available at 9650006723.

It is also informed that two court rooms i.e. Court Room Nos. 19 and 23 are ready and available to be used for Video Conferencing by those whose matters have been permitted to be listed but are not in position to handle video conferencing from their respective homes/offices.

If an advocate wishes to avail this facility, he may make a request to Manoj Gaur who will be available at 097173 94840.

The other directions/clarifications passed in this regard are as follows:

- Urgency has to be explained clearly by uploading a pdf. file comprising of one page and not more than 5 MB in size.

- Once an application is successfully uploaded on the link, a system generated confirmatory SMS will be sent on the registered mobile number. This, however, will not mean that the request for urgent listing having been allowed.

- In case the request is declined, an SMS shall be sent on the registered mobile number of the advocate, intimating him/her about the same. An option will then to given to place the request for re-consideration before the designated Judge.

- On exercising the above option, the matter shall be further put up to the designated Judge for re-consideration. However, such option shall be available till 3.00 pm on same day only.

- Once the mentioning is allowed, an SMS confirming the same shall be sent to the registered mobile number. It would contain a set of instructions regarding the mode and manner of hearing.

- All requisite documents must be transmitted on the designated email within two hours of receiving of confirmatory SMS to ensure that the matter gets listed for the given date.

- Once the matter is clear from all ‘defects’, it will be listed on the given date and time for hearing.

- In case ‘defects’ are found in the matter, an SMS shall be sent to the registered mobile number, intimating him of the same, with a request to clear the defects withing a given time frame.

Read the Notice:

Public Notice on Mentioning.pdf
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