Sunanda Pushkar: Delhi Police presses for framing of charges against Shashi Tharoor under Sections 498A, 306 or 302 IPC

Sunanda Pushkar: Delhi Police presses for framing of charges against Shashi Tharoor under Sections 498A, 306 or 302 IPC

Aditi Singh

In the Sunanda Pushkar case, the Delhi Police today pressed for framing of charges under Sections 498A and 306 or alternatively under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code against Shashi Tharoor.

Sunanda Pushkar was found dead in her suite at a five-star hotel situated in New Delhi on January 17, 2014. Husband of Sunanda Pushkar and Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, who is the sole accused in the case, is presently on bail.

The case was committed to the Sessions Court for trial by ACMM Samar Vishal on February 4.

Prosecutor Atul Srivastava today concluded his arguments on framing of charges in the case before the Court of Special Judge Ajay Kumar Kuhar.

As per the prosecution, Pushkar was a completely healthy person and the cause of her death was poisoning due to the consumption of Alprazolam.

Srivastava based his case on the ground that cruelty was not limited to physical cruelty, but included mental cruelty as well.

Relying on the statements given by the domestic help of the couple and Pushkar’s close aides, Srivastava submitted that the marital relationship between the deceased and the accused was extremely strained due to Tharoor’s relationships with Pakistani journalist Meher Tarar, one Catie, as well as the IPL controversy.

As per the domestic help’s statement, the couple fought till 4.30 am on the day of the incident. Thereafter, Pushkar asked him to get her “white suit” which she would later wear to a press conference. At this conference, she would address the media on the IPL issue, the statement reads.

Srivastava referred to the statement of one of Pushkar’s friends with whom she “shared her pain”. As per the statement, Pushkar spoke with this friend the night before the incident and she “sounded distraught”. Pushkar was said to have informed her friend that Tharoor was going to divorce her after the upcoming elections and marry Tarar.

To further establish the mental agony that she was going through, Srivastava referred to an email sent by Pushkar to a relative which stated that she had “no will to live”.

The Court was further informed that as per the post-mortem report, there were injuries on Pushkar’s body which could have happened due to a light scuffle. The injuries included a teeth bite mark and an injection mark.

As per the Medical Board, poisoning was through oral route, but the injectable route could not be ruled out.

Srivastava stated that as per the Psychological Autopsy Report, the cause of death was a combination of ill mental health, self-injurious conduct which included excessive smoking and fasting, and biological causes i.e. poisoning.

The Forensic Statement Analysis in the case concluded that Pushkar was distressed and felt betrayed in her marital life.

Srivastava also referred to the statements of Pushkar’s son and her brother, who claimed that Pushkar was a strong lady and could not have committed suicide.

In view of the above, Srivastava pressed for framing of charges under Sections 498A and 306, or in alternative, 302 IPC.

The matter will be next heard on October 17, when the Senior Advocate Vikas Pahwa will argue on behalf of Tharoor.

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